Mbale, Uganda
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Through Education, Empowerment, Humanitarian and WASH programs, Ziingo women and children initiative Uganda aims to uplift and empower vulnerable women and children in Uganda.

Education Program

Our mission here is to empower and uplift women children in Eastern Uganda through Education and economic activities.
The intention is to;
To improve on the welfare of the children living with HIV, orphans/needy students, disabled, deserted and street children in primary and secondary schools.
To facilitate the needy/orphan children sponsorship programs by providing necessities, counseling, comfort, sharing with them, preaching , aiding them in accessing services like education, health care and shelter.
To sensitize the children in rural communities about the dangers of dropping out of schools.
To empower and educate the women in developing their skills like fashion and design, tailoring , farming / Agriculture , making re-usable sanitary pads, shoes making and soap making.
To organize and facilitate different practical programs for young mothers like tailoring, hair dressing among others according to one’s interest.
We therefore ask for assistance and support in this program by sponsoring a student. Click here to sponsor a student.

Ziingo Director teaching children of Buyobo parents primary school the value education

Provision of scholastic materials to some of the vulnerable children under Ziingo

Wash Program

The WASH program aims to address essential issues related to water, sanitation and hygiene. It focuses on improving access to clean drinking water, proper sanitation facilities and promoting hygienic practices within communities. The program emphasizes the empowerment of women and children in Uganda by providing them with the necessary knowledge and resources to lead healthier lives. Through education, training and the implementation of sustainable solutions, the WASH program seeks to create lasting change and improve the over all well-being of individuals and communities in Uganda.

Provision of sanitary pads to girls in Bugusege primary school

Empowerment Program

This program focuses on providing women with tools, education and resources to improve their livelihoods and gain economic independance. The women empowerment program offers various training sessions, workshops and mentorship programs to develop their skills in entreprenuership, leadership and vocational training. It also handles issues such as domestic violence, gender-based violence, sexual health and reproductive rights. Through this initiative, Ziingo aims to create a supportive community that empowers women to over come challenges and achieve their full potential.

Educating women about advocating for their rights and to fight against domestic violence.

Humanitarian Program

The humanitarian program focuses on providing essential care and support to vulnerable children and orphans in Uganda. Through sponsorships, individuals can make a significant impact on the lives of these children by contributing towards their education, health care and over all well being. The program aims to empower these children with the necessary tools and opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future. By participating in this program, you can make a difference and bring hope to the lives of these deserving children.

Helping one of the vulnerable women in the community with some needs