Mbale, Uganda
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Ziingo Women and Children Initiative Uganda recognizes the immense potential of women in driving sustainable development, particularly in the agricultural sector. By harnessing the power of Agriculture, we are creating opportunities for both women and men to make a positive impact on their communities and families.
Through various programs and initiatives, Ziingo equips community groups with the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful farmers and entrepreneurs. We provide training on modern farming techniques, sustainable practices, and effective business management, enabling people to maximize their agricultural potential and increase their productivity.
BUDWALE FARMERS SAVINGS AND CREDIT SCHEME comprises of 30 members. It is one of the 10 groups under Ziingo. We gave them seeds of cabbages, pease and onions, pesticides and a pesticide pump.
The impact of this program goes far beyond just empowering individuals. By strengthening women’s involvement in Agriculture, we are contributing to food security, poverty reduction and overall community development. Women are not only becoming self-reliant, but they are also playing a vital role in feeding their families and communities.
Ziingo also emphasizes the importance of gender equality and women’s rights. We promote a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters women empowerment and ensures their voices are heard.
Ziingo Women and Children Initiative Uganda